Our seminars, completely free of charge and will be held on the following dates:

- 27/29-October
- 24/26-November
- 08/10-December
- 12/14-January 2016

If you're an ice-Cream Maker or a pastry chef that want to update his laboratory activities and, through the knowledge of new semi-finished products and innovative production techniques, intends to give a touch of originality and creativity to your profession, the group expertarom cremolinea is pleased to Invite you as his guests to a seminar held at its head office in hermannstadt siebenbürgen.
Our modern amphitheater able to accommodate over 100 places, used to demonstrations and equipped with the most modern and diverse production equipment, will be at your disposal to discover with us the new market trends and the new exciting opportunity that you Offers the vast world of products in cremolinea in pastry and ice-Cream.

If you are interested to participate in a seminar in one of the dates indicated above, please fill out the request form with your details complete and send no later than 15 days. Before the date of the seminar as you choose.
In Short, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a NS. In charge will contact you to define the details of your inclusion in the group of participation.
It is recalled that the group expertarom is the only company in the industry that organizes its seminars non-profit, taking in full all the costs of travel and accommodation of their guests.

For more information you can call to one of the following nr. Tel.:

+49 171 7795080
+49 170 5521446

We are waiting for you!

Cremolinea, taste of success!