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We offer to all branches of food industry a complete range of ingredients, semi-finished products, as well as recipes, innovations, customized concepts, technical support and assistance. 

CremoLinea is our international brand which includes a wide variety of quality solutions for ice cream, gelato, bakery or pastry, savory or foodservice. 

Our production lines allow us to produce a vast range of ingredients, from flavors, compounds and flavoring pastes, to fruit fillings, spreads and powder mixtures, all while adhering to the strictest food safety requirements, HACCP-certified. 

Constant improvement and maintaining the highest technological standards allows us to take a flexible approach, succeeding in satisfying numerous requirements and in creating specialized products, tailored to our customers’ requests or suitable for private label products.

In order to keep up with the latest trends of the food industry, we continuously develop new products that place our customers and us one step ahead of the competition, and, most important, we can offer the possibility for each client to create their own taste range, unique and distinctive, offering tailor made solutions.

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